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Apply now for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering!

Applications open on 31 October for our new Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc) programme which will welcome its first intake of students in September 2023.

from October 31, 2022 to May 26, 2023

Apply now for September 2023 entry to our new three-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering

The three-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering* programme will welcome international students from around the globe on our Nantes campus. Open to applicants with a high school diploma in science or equivalent, the programme offers its graduates the opportunity to pursue their studies on one of our Master’s programmes or alternatively to join the workforce upon graduation. The language of instruction throughout is English. Whilst there is no prior requirement to speak or understand the French language for admission to the Bachelor programme, French language classes are provided throughout the three years of study.

Apply now

The applications process for entry in September 2023 opens on 31 October. An Early Bird reduction in tuition fees of €1,500 for the first year of study is granted to non European international students who make their first tuition payment within one month of being offered a place on the programme.

Apply online: https://ecandidat.ec-nantes.fr
► Admissions contact: bachelor.admission73075de9-2690-4e09-84bc-5822591cb43b@ec-nantes.fr

The BSc at a glance

  • Learn how to tackle engineering problems and develop all-important soft skills
  • Choose your final year academic focus - Mechanical Engineering | Fluids and Energy | Civil Engineering  | Signal Control and Robotics
  • Interact directly with industry and gain hands-on experience for direct entry into the workforce, with a minimum of four months work experience
  • Be fully prepared for a Master’s degree
  • Study in English whilst learning a new language and discovering France
  • Experience life on a green campus in one of France’s best student cities
  • Join the network of over 20,000 alumni
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*Accreditation to be obtained in December 2022.

Published on October 27, 2022 Updated on October 27, 2022