Centrale Nantes is hosting “Les Entretiens de l’Excellence”

On Saturday 30th March, Centrale Nantes will host the fifth edition of the Entretiens de l’Excellence, whose goal is to restore equality of opportunity by giving all young people, whatever their origin, the desire to pursue their dreams and build their ambitions. 

on March 30, 2019

Launched in Paris in 2006, the Entretiens de l'Excellence has since gained national traction and today covers 25 cities across France. This event puts middle and high school students in contact with professionals who come along to share their experience of excellence in their field. It aims to fuel ambitions, particularly for young people who are geographically, culturally or socially isolated from networks that can provide them with relevant information for their future and models of success that can stimulate their motivation.

Around 500 middle and high school students from the region are expected to attend this year. Parents are also invited to attend a workshop to answer their questions and concerns about their children’s future higher education: scholarships, accommodation, moving away from home etc.

60 professionals, mainly from the Pays de la Loire region, but also from other parts of France, have volunteered their attendance. They will share their experience and expertise, to give these young people the opportunities they themselves had. The speakers are graduates of the best schools in France and represent French society in all its diversity. The Entretiens de l'Excellence association is committed to ensuring diversity of representation in terms of gender, profession and level of experience (young graduates, experts, seniors etc).
Published on February 15, 2021 Updated on February 15, 2021