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Ecological Transition Mornings: "How to quantify the environmental cost of research", a conference with Antoine Hardy

See you on 10 January 2023 for a new edition of the Ecological Transition Mornings, with Antoine Hardy, PhD student in political science at the Centre Emile-Durkheim.

On January 10, 2023 from 10:15 To 12:15

Matinales de la transition écologique
Matinales de la transition écologique
Antoine Hardy is a PhD student in political science at the Centre Emile-Durkheim in Bordeaux. His thesis focuses on the conditions of scientific work in the context of climate change. He is looking specifically at the Labos 1point5 initiative, a group of research staff mobilised since 2019, and the tool they have developed to estimate the carbon footprint of public research laboratories in France.

He will give a talk on the theme: "How to quantify the environmental cost of research"

The conference will take place at Centrale Nantes, in Lecture Theatre A, from 10.15 am to 12.15 pm on Tuesday 10 January.

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What are the Ecological Transition Mornings?

Every year, a group of students following the Engineering for Ecological Transition professional option organises conferences on ecological issues. It is an opportunity to learn a little more and to debate with the key players in ecological transition.

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Replay of past conferences

Meanwhile, you can watch replays of previous editions on the school's Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/Youtube-Les-Matinales-de-la-transition

Published on December 13, 2022 Updated on January 6, 2023