Social Management Committee and Specialised Section


The Technical Committee and the Health and Safety Committee will cease to exist. They will be replaced by the Social Management Committee and its Specialised Section. This body will come into being after the elections at the end of 2022.

The Social Management Committee will take on the social dialogue role of the Technical Committee.

The Social Management Committee is consulted on draft texts concerning:
  • Department workings and organisation
  • Management guidelines relating to the multi-annual HR management strategy
  • Statutory rules and regulations relating to the salary scale
  • The action plan concerning workplace equality between women and men
  • Staff training
  • Restructuring projects
  • Participation in the financing of social protection
  • Major development projects with an impact on health and safety conditions and working conditions when they are part of departmental reorganisation
  • Working hours.


  • The school's Director chairs the Committee - assisted, where appropriate, by senior management representatives
  • The Human Resources Director
  • Staff representatives

Only staff representatives have the right to vote.

Occupational physicians, prevention advisers/assistants, health and safety inspectors - do not attend the Committee - but may be consulted on certain topics (workplace equality, major development or refurbishment projects, disability or questions within the remit of the Specialised Section) at the request of the chairperson or a majority of staff representatives.

Specialised Section

  • The Specialised Section has 7 staff representatives
  • The school's Director chairs the section, assisted, where appropriate, by senior management representatives
  • The Human Resources Director is not a member   

The occupational physician and/or prevention advisers/assistants do attend the Specialised Section
The Occupational Health and Safety Inspector may attend.
Experts may be consulted on an agenda item at the initiative of the chairperson or at the request of full members.


Each year, the chairperson of the Specialised Section submits an annual programme - aimed at preventing occupational risks and improving working conditions - to the section for consideration.
The section is consulted on all documentation relating to its mandate, in particular:
  • protection of physical and mental health, hygiene
  • safety of employees at work,
  • organisation of work and teleworking,
  • issues related to disconnection and regulation of the use of digital tools,
  • improvement of working conditions and the related legal requirements.
Published on September 21, 2022 Updated on October 25, 2023