Advanced Master - Key Player in Energy Transition

Mastère spécialisé® Acteur Pour la Transition Énergétique (MS APTE)

The Mastère spécialisé® APTE is designed for individuals who want to develop the skills needed to create new business models that can enhance economic performance, while combatting climate change.

The aim of this hybrid programme is to provide the keys required to implement and anticipate technological developments and to seize opportunities while adopting energy transition business models. The programme will enable you to meet the needs of a multitude of industrial sectors and to identify the technical and economic solutions to foster responsible development.

The MS APTE is a Centrale Nantes and Audencia Business School co-accredited training  programme conducted in partnership with Nantes Ecole de Design and ENSA Nantes. The programme benefits from the recognized expertise of their international faculty in the fields of engineering, urban planning, design and management.


  • A hybrid approach combining the expertise of an engineering school, a business school and an architecture school
  • Partnerships with companies at the forefront of innovation
  • The diversity of participants' backgrounds: engineers, managers, architects, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Blend of technical, managerial and soft skills
  • Learning by doing and concrete experience 
  • A week-long study trip to Europe to observe the reality of energy transition implementation.


5 skills blocks:

The success of an energy transition project or strategy depends on mastering the leadership skills needed in a rapidly changing sector, the ability to anticipate technological developments and act quickly to seize opportunities.

New energies and technologies

  • Energy technologies
  • Emerging technologies
  • Big data, connected objects and energy

New applications

  • Emerging applications
  • Energy challenges and urban management

New managers

  • Strategic agility, intelligence gathering and blindspots
  • Presenting for impact
  • Intercultural communication
  • Creative problem solving

New stakeholders

  • Influence, lobbying and citizen action: complex project and stakeholders
  • Geopolitical analysis and regulatory framework in the energy sector
  • Human centered design, co-design and user experience

New economic and societal models

  • The new consumer, green marketing and sociological trends
  • Strategic analysis of the energy sector
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • New business models for energy
  • Business planning


  • Sandrine AUBRUN– Professor at Centrale Nantes & scientific representative for Centrale Nantes for the European Energy Research Alliance and the European Academy of Wind Energy
  • Aurélien BABARIT, PhD – Head of the CNRS Research Group on Marine Reneweable Energies and Head of the Ocean Wave and Marine Renewable Energy Research Group at Centrale Nantes.
  • Bernard BLEZ, former R&D Director at ENGIE, now devotes his time to the teaching of innovative solutions for Energy Transition.
[legende-image]1488297234295[/legende-image] With students coming from a variety of backgrounds and with complementary skills, the first graduating class brilliantly demonstrates the power of a multidisciplinary approach to tackle Energy Transition! - Bernard BLEZ


  • Gaëlle CONSEIL-DUVAL, Designer at Wexity and lecturer at Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique
  • Simon COURRET, wind and marine energy engineer, Engie SA

[legende-image]1488297234296[/legende-image] Instrumental in developing onshore and offshore wind energy projects since 2006, I support MS APTE students on a study project in which they have to put themselves in the shoes of a developer responding to a call for wind energy projects launched by a local authority. This exercise and all the teaching provided in this Advanced Master's degree are particularly suited to students who already have professional experience. - Simon COURRET

  • Anthony KERIHUEL, technical director of the company S3d
  • Lionel Le Noay, in-house lawyer, Engie SA
  • Guillaume MALINGUE, Market and Power Systems Engineer, RTE France
  • Erik MOUILLE, founder and president of the company NAODEN
  • Ignacio REQUENA RUIZ, Lecturer at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes
  • Emmanuel ROZIERE, lecturer at Centrale Nantes and project manager for the Sustainable Development Commission of Centrale Nantes
  • André SOBCZAK – Dean of Studies and Research at AUDENCIA, CSR Research Chair
  • Jessica STUDNIA, Head of Financing, VOL-V Group, ESSEC graduate
[legende-image]1488297234297[/legende-image] 15 years of experience in the banking sector in France and abroad (investment and commercial banking), before joining an independent French player in the renewable energies sector as head of financing. Expertise in financing wind, solar and biomethane projects. Management of equity financing operations. - Jessica STUDNIA

Targeted skills

  • Management of public and private stakeholders
  • Detect and seize the opportunities offered by energy transition
  • CSR and impact on business
  • Ability to follow sectoral developments (monitoring)
  • Understand funding for ENR projects
  • Understand technological developments

Employment Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Energy transition project manager
  • Energy transition consultant
  • Energy business development engineer
  • ENR Development Manager
  • Environment and Energy Manager


  • View the Campus Channel replay (in French) to learn more about the programme:

My experience of the Mastère spécialisé® APTE (In French)

Published on January 25, 2019 Updated on March 9, 2020