Find your accommodation with Studapart

The Studapart platform gives you to access to a wide range of accommodation (studios, flatshares, rooms in private homes, etc). Studapart has a special offer for Centrale Nantes students: 3 months free home insurance for any online booking.

All the steps from putting together your documents to booking your accommodation, are done online. You can log in with your school login or your personal email address and browse the available accommodation. The ads proposed on the platform have all been checked. Studapart will assist you with the procedures.

When you have found an offer that suits you, you can contact the owner or the residence directly on the platform.

To reserve the accommodation, you will need to provide an identity document, proof of admission to Centrale Nantes and a guarantor to rent the accommodation.

If you do not have a guarantor you can use the existing VISALE and GARANTME schemes. Studapart also offers a fee-paying solution for the duration of your rental. To be eligible, you will just need to submit your ID and proof of admission to Centrale Nantes on the platform.

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Published on February 8, 2022 Updated on June 6, 2024