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A successful 2nd edition of the Centrale Nantes Low-tech Forum

Over the course of the day's event, local players, students, teachers from the Nantes area and companies came together on the Centrale Nantes campus to discuss low-tech.

on March 7, 2024

En premier plan 2 hommes discutent autour d'un stand
En premier plan 2 hommes discutent autour d'un stand
The 500+ participants had the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops and demonstrations highlighting low-tech innovations and their impact on society. Topics ranged from the deployment of low-tech in higher education, to reindustrialization thanks to low-tech, to new desirable futures.

It was also an opportunity for Roland Jourdain and students from the Low-tech Engineering option to share feedback on the two-year partnership between the Explore fund and Centrale Nantes to build a low-tech training program.

Concrete projects and local initiatives were presented over the course of the day with over 30 structures were present.

The day concluded with a conference by Philippe Bihouix, a Centrale graduate specializing in mineral resources and low-tech.

► Watch the round table videos on Centrale Nantes' Youtube channel.

Published on March 11, 2024 Updated on March 18, 2024