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Applications open in January for a new triple Master's degree: MSc Mechanics of Sustainable Materials and Structures

Applications open on 2 January 2024 for the first intake into a triple Master's programme in civil engineering which brings together three European partners: TU-Dortmund University in Germany, University of Trento in Italy and Centrale Nantes.

On January 2, 2024 All day

This programme will train a new generation of civil engineers with the expertise to design and implement innovative building technologies with a focus on sustainable materials and structures.

The main objective is to educate future leaders in the development of innovative solutions for sustainability and performance in the built environment by fostering creative and independent thinking and promoting low-impact oriented problem-solving.

The three partner institutions offering the programme are:

  • TU-Dortmund University - Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering | Germany - coordinator
  • University of Trento - Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering | Italy
  • Centrale Nantes - Department of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering | France

About the MSc Mechanics of Sustainable Materials and Structures

The programme in 'Mechanics of Sustainable Materials and Structures' (MS²) is designed to address the shortage of civil engineers with the expertise to design and implement sustainable building practices, against the backdrop of building operations which account for 36% of global energy consumption and 39% of carbon dioxide emissions globally. The programme represents a unique opportunity for aspiring civil engineers to become leaders in the field of sustainable construction, making a significant contribution to the clean energy transition and building a more sustainable future for all.

Fully taught in English over two years, the programme requires a high degree of mobility since all students will study in three different countries: Germany, Italy and France. Students that successfully complete all programme requirements will be awarded a Master's degree from each institution.

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► Contact at Centrale Nantes: Giulio Sciarra (giulio.sciarrad3b62f17-338c-4534-b4f9-ede1e40dae65@ec-nantes.fr)

Our civil engineering programmes:

In addition to the triple Master's degree we also offer the following Master of Science (MSc) programme in civil engineering taught entirely on our campus in Nantes, France:

Published on December 11, 2023 Updated on December 12, 2023