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Centrale Market: a student recycling project led by a Centrale Nantes student with the support of Lab Citoyen

At the beginning of 2022, Lab Citoyen launched a call for projects to join its accelerator programme. Centrale Market, led by Antoine Grosse, a Centrale Nantes degree apprenticeship student, was one of the projects selected.

on July 7, 2022

Centrale Market is a project for a student recycling centre. The idea for this recycling centre came from a paradox: former students leaving Nantes and throwing away items they no longer need, and new students arriving in Nantes and needing equipment. In line with a non-waste and circular economy approach, this student recycling centre project is based on two main actions:
  • Collection and storage of household items via an event called "la semaine de la Récup" and salvage campaigns: crockery, small household appliances, small storage furniture, sheets and duvets, etc.
  • Redistribution of items to students through a flagship event, the "Centrale Market", to be held at the beginning of each academic year

Lab Citoyen's project accelerator programme

Lab Citoyen's project accelerator programme provides support to students to develop projects that promote the ecological, societal and/or economic transition of their campus. It offers them methods and tools for collaborative design and experimentation (design thinking, global approach, impact design, etc.).
More specifically, this support programme is divided into three phases:
  • 1st design phase: a series of interactive and collaborative workshops to design the project, to move from the idea to the first stages of implementation
  • 2nd phase: a presentation event to (learn how to) communicate and/or launch the project and to highlight the promotion and the project leaders
  • 3rd phase of project launch follow-up: 3 individual work meetings to follow up the project, improve a project feature or define the next feature to be developed.
Two other selected projects, led by an association from Nantes University and a student from the Nantes National School of Architecture:
  • Terre à Tertre: In partnership with the Nantes Ville Comestible association, the Terre à Tertre project aims to set up and run a shared vegetable garden on the Tertre campus. Supported by the Petits Pieds Nantais association, this vegetable garden will be accessible to all students, campus staff and local residents.
  • “Faire signer l'accord de Grenoble”: The aim of this project, led by Valentin Alemany, a student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes, is to encourage higher education and research establishments in Nantes to sign the Grenoble Accord and implement the commitments it entails.

The 3 projects were selected by a panel composed of 5 representatives of the partner institutions (Centrale Nantes, Nantes Métropole, the Crous, Audencia and Nantes University).

Lab Citoyen Workshops
Published on July 22, 2022 Updated on September 27, 2022