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Edycem developing smart concrete with Centrale Nantes

Edycem has developed a smart concrete called Smartcem, in partnership with Centrale Nantes, as part of the "Innovative concrete for new applications" research chair.

on February 15, 2017

Adopting a "smart city" approach, this concrete is fitted with RFID chips and can therefore be accessed with a smartphone.

Our objective is to reduce the number of claims while controlling the support. This new technology will allow us to reinforce the sustainable identification of products in the event of an appraisal and to initiate a pioneering approach to the identification of future other material- Estelle Breillat, Edycem's Development Director.
In particular, this connected concrete will give applicators, members of the Edycem Ondaliss des Sols network, full product traceability via a free mobile application. They will thus have access to information such as the nature of the binder, mechanical resistance, the CE marking, reference to the relevant technical regulations, the production site, the date of implementation and the name of the applicator, etc.
The chip adapts securely to the environment in which it is implanted. This tracking device will be active for ten years following the floor screed works, in order to facilitate interventions during the ten-year warranty period.
Published on January 14, 2020 Updated on September 14, 2020