First 'Web in Pulse' programme kicks off

Centrale Nantes welcomed today the first intake of trainees on the "Web in pulse" programme: a free training course for web-developers, for which no previous experience or qualifications are required.

on October 7, 2019

Centrale Nantes’s "Web in Pulse" programme is certified ‘Grande Ecole du Numérique’. This state certification includes over 750 courses that are primarily intended for people with limited employment opportunities. Web in Pulse is thus designed for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 with little or no education, and its first intake includes more than 40% of women.

Asked about the importance of her company's partnership with Centrale Nantes as part of this programme, Jihane Baciocchini, Capgemini's Director of Recruitment France, said: the benefits are twofold: we need to innovate in sourcing, to find new solutions to the shortage of digital staff and to bring more diversity into our teams. In fact, the Capgemini Group has committed to recruiting 10% of candidates in France from courses with the ‘Grande Ecole du Numérique’ certification, which includes Web in Pulse.

Web in Pulse aims to address the needs of companies based in Nantes and its region by training the developers they are looking for. On 7 October, 15 people will join the programme for 625 hours of classes and a five-week internship. The programme is divided into four training modules: introduction to the digital sector, front-end, back-end and web project management.

Other than the age requirements, trainees must be seeking employment, show a real interest in the web and a real desire to learn. Upon successful completion of the programme, the young developers are awarded a certificate from Centrale Nantes and they may also benefit from the school's partnership with local businesses and local authorities to find employment.

Over and above training in the strict sense of the term, Centrale Nantes offers support and follow-up to Web in Pulse trainees. It’s a friendly environment with truly individual coaching provided across the board to ensure success.

Selim Deleurme, a trainee in the first intake, said: The acquisition of relevant professional IT skills and the quality of the training provided by Centrale Nantes have inspired me to become a web developer. This step will be a great springboard for me to gain access to this fast-growing profession in the job market.

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While Centrale Nantes is best known for its engineering programme, the school also offers executive education programmes. These programmes are designed for both in post executives and engineers who are seeking to enhance their scientific and managerial skills, as well as for people looking to make a career change into the digital sector.
Published on October 7, 2019 Updated on March 12, 2021