#GivingTuesday: the Fondation Centrale Nantes launches a donation campaign

To mark #GivingTuesday, the Fondation Centrale Nantes is launching a donation drive to help develop its five key programmes in 2022-2023

on November 29, 2022

Schools with an international outlook can only remain at the highest level, gain in reputation and progress in excellence thanks to the support of their entire community; this is why the Fondation Centrale Nantes was created three years ago, taking over from the Fondation Centrale Initiatives.

Centrale Nantes' ambitions are structural: to reinvent engineering for sustainable development through its research and study programmes, to train the talents of tomorrow through high-quality scientific courses, and to encourage responsibility and initiative.

The Fondation Centrale Nantes has a role to play in supporting the School's activities, in particular programmes relating to research, education, student life and solidarity. The Fondation Centrale Nantes must be a driving force and have a knock-on effect. Its ambition is also naturally in line with the objective of bringing about lasting change.

5 key programmes for 2022/2023

To mark #GivingTuesday, the Fondation Centrale Nantes is launching a donation drive to participate in the development of 5 key programmes for 2022/2023:
  1. Investment for the future and in property
  2. Research projects and PhD scholarships
  3. Entrepreneurship & Startups
  4. International projects and programmes
  5. Inclusion & diversity programme
In 2023, the Fondation Centrale Nantes will be involved in several specific actions:
  • Participation in the Learning Centre project on the school's campus
  • Initiation of the Bio-manufacturing Research Chair
  • Setting up special support for student entrepreneurs
  • Awarding of excellence grants for internationally mobile students
  • Creation of an emergency and solidarity fund

To make a donation to the Fondation

Published on November 29, 2022 Updated on November 29, 2022