Ingénieuses 2024: Hélène Harikiopoulos-Cordova, Centrale Nantes graduate, winner of the Women Engineers Award

The Ingénieuses awards ceremony took place on 16 May. Hélène Cordova, Centrale Nantes class of 97, is the winner of the Women Engineers Award.

on May 21, 2024

Hélène Harikiopoulos-Cordova
Hélène Harikiopoulos-Cordova

5 women were nominated in the Women Engineers category, which aims to highlight inspiring and committed female engineers.

Hélène Harikiopoulos-Cordova graduated from Centrale Nantes in 1997, having specialised in Civil Engineering. In 2021, she founded Consequally, a consultancy that helps companies promote gender diversity within their organisations, and develop and enhance their commitments to workplace equality.

Since 2021, she has also headed up the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commission of Centrale Nantes Alumni and piloted the project 5050-Agir pour l'égalité, which aims to raise awareness, train and inspire alumni on the issues of equality and inclusion.

Workplace equality is a major social and economic issue if we are to meet the challenges of climate and digital transition and move our world towards a fairer, more sustainable model.
And like all major issues, it requires a certain amount of expertise to support organisations and individuals in this paradigm shift.

Hélène Harikiopoulos-Cordova

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About the "Ingénieuses"

This initiative, organised by the Conference of the Deans of French Schools of Engineering (CDEFI), aims to encourage young girls to choose science and technology courses and engineering careers. It takes the form of a national communication campaign and a competition culminating in an awards ceremony. The initiative is part of the CDEFI's mission to promote engineering training and careers and to defend the values of social openness, diversity and equal opportunities.

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Published on May 21, 2024 Updated on May 21, 2024