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Kick-off for the 8th edition of the Web Developer programme

On 9 September Centrale Nantes and Capgemini welcomed the 12 trainees for the 8th edition of the "Web Developer" training programme organised in partnership with the Employment Centre and Atlas.

on September 9, 2021

8e promo formation Développeur web
8e promo formation Développeur web
After completing this 400-hour training course, the 12 jobseekers will join Capgemini on a 12-month (or longer) fixed-term contract or on a permanent contract, in accordance with the company's recruitment needs.

This new intake of trainees includes 7 men and 5 women aged between 23 and 31 years old.

During the morning's welcome session, the trainees met with Jean-Michel Fanchin, recruitment manager specialising in web and GIS at Capgemini. Since 2015, Capgemini has been involved in supporting people undergoing professional retraining in the IT sector. Jean-Michel Fanchin on the value of the partnership between Centrale Nantes and Capgemini:

There is a serious shortage of developers in today's job market. What is so interesting in our partnership with Centrale Nantes is that the programme is well constructed on the technical side, but also that there is an equally important human aspect, with a focus on communication and professional conduct. A developer must have sound technical skills, but he/she must also be able to represent Capgemini at our client's site.


The Web Developer training programme

The training programme is designed to provide participants with the technical, cross-functional and soft skills needed to become a web developer.

With 80% of hands-on training, the course is based on active teaching techniques that emphasise learning by doing and project-based work.

The teaching staff includes external speakers from the digital sector, but also experts in management, communication and collective intelligence to develop soft skills.

The Web Developer training programme is run by Centrale Nantes, and financed by the Employment Centre and OPCO Atlas.
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Published on September 10, 2021 Updated on November 9, 2022