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Ecological Transition Mornings: "Reindustrialisation: regaining autonomy?", a conference with Anaïs Voy-Gillis

Join us on 7 February 2023 for a new edition of the Ecological Transition Mornings, with Anaïs Voy-Gillis, holder of a PhD in geography from the French Institute of Geopolitics.

On February 7, 2023 from 10:15 To 12:15

Matinales de la transition écologique
Matinales de la transition écologique
Anaïs Voy-Gillis has a PhD in geography from the French Institute of Geopolitics. Her PhD thesis was on the "challanges and drivers of French reindustrialisation". She continues to conduct research on industry and the challenges of reindustrialisation at the Centre for Research on Economies, Societies, Arts and Techniques (CRESAT). On this subject, she co-authored "Vers la renaissance industrielle" with Olivier Lluansi in March 2020.

She will give a conference on the theme: "Reindustrialisation: regaining autonomy? (in French)

The conference will take place at Centrale Nantes on Tuesday 7 February in Lecture Theatre A, from 10.15 am to 12.15 pm.

If you wish to participate, please sign up here.

What are the Ecological Transition Mornings?

Every year, a group of students following the Engineering for Ecological Transition professional option organises conferences on ecological issues. It is an opportunity to learn a little more and to debate with the key players in ecological transition.

Upcoming conferences

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Replay of past conferences

Meanwhile, you can watch replays of previous editions on the school's Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/Youtube-Les-Matinales-de-la-transition

Published on January 25, 2023 Updated on January 25, 2023