Meet our Researchers: Tugdual Le Néel

Meet the people behind the research at Centrale Nantes in our series of video interviews. In this edition we meet Associate Professor Tugdual le Néel in the Research Institute of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM).

on December 15, 2022

After a Master's degree in Mechatronics and creating a 3D printer startup, Tugdual embarked upon a PhD in additive manufacturing at Centrale Nantes under the supervision of Professor Jean-Yves Hascoët and Pascal Mognol.

Today, as an associate professor in the GeM Institute, Tugdual is working on 3D printing of large metallic parts and bioprinting, and maybe one day 3D printing in space?

Meet our Researchers series

Meet the people behind the research at Centrale Nantes in our new series of video interviews. From international experts to new recruits, meet our researchers at all career stages contributing to the advancement of research in our region, nationally & internationally.

In roughly five minutes you can find out about their background, the projects they are working on at Centrale Nantes and with whom, the facilities they use and future prospects for their research work.
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Published on December 14, 2022 Updated on January 9, 2023