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New partnership between Centrale Nantes and Sia Partners

Sia Partners inaugurates its partnership with Centrale Nantes this year, thus making management consulting professions more accessible for engineering students.

on January 30, 2018

The aim of this partnership, which was launched in September 2017, is to facilitate access to consulting professions for Centrale Nantes students and, more broadly speaking, to raise awareness of the career opportunities in this growing sector.

Sia Partners and Centrale Nantes plan several actions to strengthen their ties and to better acquaint Centrale Nantes students with the consulting sector and, more particularly, the opportunities offered by Sia Partners.

"We have around fifteen Centrale Nantes alumni who work across different sectors and functions. Our goal, through this partnership, is to enhance our pool of talent from Centrale Nantes to benefit from the expertise of engineering students across all our business areas.” explained Shirley Block, Talent Development Manager at Sia Partners.

Experienced consultants, alongside Human Resource professionals, will be present throughout the year to present the different typologies of Sia Partners' business areas and sectors. These meetings will allow students to picture themselves more easily in the consulting sector and help them build their career plan.

The diversity of sectors in which Sia Partners is positioned, such as Energy, Transport, Banking and Data Science, represents a real opportunity for our engineering students who go on to develop strong expertise in a stimulating environment, in line with the school’s themes of innovation, research and training.” highlighted Laure Quedillac, head of corporate partnerships at Centrale Nantes.

A multi-faceted approach:

  • Strengthen knowledge of the consulting business and required skills through interviews, business cases, afterwork events, exchanges with alumni and student competitions.
  • Facilitate career guidance and job search, through immersion in the form of role plays, interview simulations and dissemination of student applications within the company.
  • Provide material and financial support, through a donation intended to support the school’s development.
  • Supporting innovation: Sia Partners undertakes collaborative research projects and works on topics related to artificial intelligence and robotics. To help in these endeavours, Centrale Nantes students are invited to take part in competitions, such as Generation Blockchain or Machine Learning, to present their ideas and, why not, develop their concept.
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Published on February 14, 2018 Updated on February 14, 2018