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Siemens Digital Industries Software acquires Nextflow Software, a Centrale Nantes spin-off

With the acquisition of Nextflow Software, the German group Siemens, already a market leader in automation and digitalization, is stepping up its capabilities in numerical simulation.

on June 17, 2021

Simulation du phénomène d’aquaplaning autour d’un pneu
Simulation du phénomène d’aquaplaning autour d’un pneu

Nextflow Software is revolutionizing the field of numerical simulation with software co-developed since its inception with researchers from Centrale Nantes. Its software has major applications across the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors.

A long-standing partnership between Nextflow Software and Centrale Nantes for co-development

Researchers at Centrale Nantes’ LHEEA Laboratory and at the CNR-INM in Rome have over thirty years of experience in developing advanced software. It is their world-renowned expertise, in particular in the use of meshless CFD technology, that underlies this successful partnership. Erwan Jacquin, a Centrale Nantes graduate, founded Nextflow Software based on this technology in 2015, with Centrale Innovation making an equity investment.

Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Director of Centrale Nantes: Siemens’ acquisition of a Centrale Nantes spin-off is a perfect illustration of both the excellence of the school’s research and the role it plays in economic development. Start-ups, SMEs, indeed companies of all sizes, can benefit from real support for their research working alongside Centrale Nantes. I am proud to be signing this transfer of ownership which marks the start of a new adventure with Siemens.

Vincent Perrier, CEO of Nextflow Software: Joining Siemens is real recognition for Nextflow Software and the culmination of a shared journey of which we can all be proud. It confirms the expertise acquired through our long-standing partnership with Centrale Nantes researchers, and represents real added value for our customers who see our technologies join Siemens' large portfolio of digital simulation solutions.

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Published on June 16, 2021 Updated on June 17, 2021