Visiting Professor at Centrale Nantes: Paola Nardinocchi

Professor Paola Nardinocchi from Sapienza University of Rome will be visiting the GeM Research Institute from 21 to 27 November at the invitation of Professor Giulio Sciarra.

from November 21, 2021 to November 27, 2021

Paola Nardinocchi
Paola Nardinocchi
Paola Nardinocchi is an Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome

During her visit to Centrale Nantes, Paola Nardinocchi will work on the topic of fingering and remodelling in geomaterials and multiphasic biomaterials.
Fingering instabilities are characteristic of fluid-fluid, fluid-solid and solid-solid separation surfaces, especially if the solid is partially saturated. The project aims to characterise the coupling between fingering and remodelling in the geo-mechanical context, where the remodelling of the material represents an alteration of the mechanical properties of the solid phase.

The study will be based on the development of semi-analytical techniques for the analysis of surface stability in the presence of two continuous media.

Paola Nardinocchi will also teach a class as part of the "Theory of Structures" course of the Master Materials & Structures in their Environment. The topic is: Dehydration-induced mechanical instabilities in active elastic spherical shells. She will also give a seminar for faculty during her visit.
Published on November 19, 2021 Updated on November 9, 2022