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Sustainable development and executive education

Published on November 16, 2022 Updated on February 14, 2024
The courses run by Centrale Nantes Executive Education are designed for adults seeking to acquire or develop professional, technical, transversal and soft skills.
The programmes on offer are designed to develop professional skills, prepare or retrain the candidate. Centrale Nantes'
Executive Education offers courses on a variety of themes: from specialised training days to structured courses lasting several months.

Engineering for ecological transition

Marine Renewable Energies

Centrale Nantes and Nantes Université offer Executive Education modules within the WEAMEC (West Atlantic Marine Energy Community) framework, dealing exclusively with the growing MRE (Marine Renewable Energies) sector; from preliminary studies to project and park engineering, from machine engineering to the deployment of technologies:

  • fixed wind turbines
  • floating wind turbines
  • tidal turbines
  • wave power
  • ocean thermal energy

These actions contribute to SDG7, SDG9, SDG13. 

Sustainable cities

In order to incorporate the challenges of energy, digital, economic and ecological changes into the design of sustainable and intelligent construction and rehabilitation projects, the Institut Ville & Architecture offers an Expert en milieux intelligents et durables (Expert in Intelligent and Sustainable Environments) course with modules covering:

  • efficient buildings and energy renovation
  • dynamic and sustainable intelligent lighting
  • plants in the city for the benefit of its users
  • ventilation and prevention of health risks

These actions contribute to SDG11, SDG7, SDG13 and SDG3.

Courses for people with limited employment opportunities to reduce inequalities

The Web in pulse course trains 18 to 30 year-olds with no qualifications to become Web developers. Centrale Nantes awards a 'junior web developer' diploma at the successful completion of an 8-month, 625-hour course and in-company internship. This course has been awarded the 'Grande Ecole du Numérique' label. The second intake started in spring 2021, with 35% of women.

The Fondation Agissons Pour l'Emploi (FAPE) seeks to tackle exclusion through a scheme that brings together companies and the jobless seeking a way forward. It was founded by Centrale Nantes with the Manpowergroup Foundation and provides all of the support required for identification, profile validation and course organisation. It brings companies and candidates together, and helps companies to develop their recruitment criteria towards a greater diversity and richness of profiles. More than 110 companies have already signed up to the scheme. In the Pays de la Loire region, the FAPE is operated by Centrale Nantes through the Prépa Tremplin Numérique course.

These courses contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: SDG4, SDG9 and SDG10.

Executive education and disability

Within this framework, Centrale Nantes Executive Education is committed to studying all avenues for accommodating people with disabilities in its training programmes.

Published on November 16, 2022 Updated on February 14, 2024