B-International - Building Internationalisation in Pakistan

B-International is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 Capacity Building in Higher Education.

It aims to provide staff at universities in Pakistan with a framework by which to implement international strategies that support the wider aims of the universities and to provide staff with knowledge and practical tools to implement international activities that support the strategic aim of both the university and the wider Higher Education sector.

The project will therefore examine traditional components of internationalisation such as mobility, TNE and international research, but will also include more contemporary concepts such as developing international campuses that explore the wide tapestry of international cultures. This ambitious four-year project will run until 31 December 2023.

Visit the website: https://b-internationalproject.com/


Work Package 1 - Benchmarking, Strategy and Training

Training on internationalisation and developing strategies to support a framework.

A series of eight internationalisation workshops as part of Work Package 1 of the B-International project were delivered via the Microsoft Teams platform by our colleagues Frédéric Dorel and Caroline Kerello of Centrale Nantes to our partners in Pakistan.

The workshops began with an introductory session on 1 March and culminated in a conclusion and feedback session on 19 March 2021. They covered topics such as the essential gains of internationalisation in our global society, internationalisation at home, internationalisation strategies as well as the identification and implementation of autonomous strategies.

Watch the video for PIFD's feedback on the WP1 Online Training Sessions:


Work Package 2 - Training Workshops – CPD for All Staff

Developing a short course on internationalisation for the CPD of all staff.

Building on the feedback that has emerged from the Work Package 1 sessions, the training program on internationalisation – which is at the core of Work Package 2 – has now started! The four main themes which will be featured during the training sessions have been selected through a process of interaction between the EU and the Pakistani partners which are involved in the program.

The themes of the WP2 training will be the following:
  • Implementation of the strategic plan for internationalisation;
  • Achieving high quality international partnerships;
  • How to attract external funding;
  • The academic recognition of staff

These themes will be presented and analysed in four rounds comprising three/four training sessions for each subject. The entire WP2 training programme will be held between December 2021 and November 2022.

The training sessions will be co-delivered by the University of Bologna and by representatives from each one of the Partner Country’s Higher Education Institution which are taking part in the programme.

The aim of WP2 is to support the practical implementation of the internationalisation strategies which have been devised and ratified by the Pakistani HEIs during WP1 and to provide all staff with the knowledge to support and encourage the internationalisation of their institutions.

The training programme started on 7 December with a first round of three sessions on the theme of 'Implementation of the strategic plan for internationalisation'.


Work Package 3 - Online Learning Platform

Coming soon - 2022

Online learning for the professional development of staff

In much the same method as Work Package 2, staff with responsibility for internationalisation at the Partner Country’s Higher Education Institutions will build on the training and strategy development that they completed in Work Package 1 to develop a programme designed to bring the concept of internationalisation to all staff.

The Work Package lead will work with a representative from each Partner Country's Higher Education Institution to develop the programme that will complement the short course and will focus on concepts such as internationalisation of the curriculum, mobility, international partnerships and supporting international students.

Work Package 4 - Cultivating an International Campus


When opportunities for mobility are limited to the few, and exposure to global cultures and perspectives is limited, there presents an opportunity to immerse students in Pakistan with other cultures and environments whilst on campus and invite community groups and schools to participate.  

Campuses will host and share virtually via the Centres for Internationalisation. One university will take the lead and other members will connect to experience these events too, such as:

  • Culture sharing
  • Language exchange
  • Talks and lectures
  • Virtual mobilities

Centrale Nantes will be leading this Work Package.

Here are the previous B-International Events:


Work Package 5 - Centres for Internationalisation

The centres provide a dedicated resource for students and members of the international virtual community. They are equipped with the latest smartboards for interactive and collaborative learning experiences: 25 laptops for member use and a laptop for training facilitators and guest speakers.

The equipment is supported by software that will enable virtual connections including SmartNotebook and Panopto. The centres are also equipped with virtual reality technology to enable virtual exchange and experiences of environments around the world. The technology will also allow students to film their own local learning environments to be shared with their peers around the world.

The Centres form a hub for activities, and, through effective promotion, will be known to all students as the place to go to connect with peers nationally and internationally, as well as providing resources and skills development. They were officially launched on 2 February 2022.

Watch the video to see what our Partners think of the Centres for Internationalisation!

Project Partners

Published on July 2, 2021 Updated on September 8, 2022