Heads of specialisations and professional options


Product Engineering IPROD RAUCH Matthieu
Mechanical Engineering for Materials and Manufacturing Processes MATEPRO VERRON Erwan
Robotics ROBOTIQUE CHRIETTE Abdelhamid
Energy Control and Management (NEW for 2022-23) E-CONTROL HAMIDA Mohamed
Ocean: Hydrodynamics and Marine Engineering OCEAN BONNEFOY Félicien
Renewable Energies and Grid Integration (NEW for 2022-23) ENRIR CONAN Boris
Energy Production and Management ENERG HETET Jean-François
Propulsion and Transport PROPULSION SALAMEH Georges
Computer Science INFO MARTIN Jean-Yves
Mathematics and Applications MATHAPPLI NOUY Anthony
Advanced Modelling and Analysis of Structures MAAS HEUZE Thomas
Virtual Reality RV NORMAND Jean-Marie
Data Analysis and Applications in Signal and Image Processing DATASIM MOUSSAOUI Said
Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction GC ALAM Syed Yasir
Engineering Science for Housing and Urban Environment PHYCITE CALMET Isabelle
Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (NEW for 2022-23) INFO IA LIME Didier
Digital Sciences for Life Sciences and Healthcare BIOSTIC ROUX Olivier
Industrial Engineering GI CHENOUARD Raphael
Doctorate DOCTORAT HASCOET Jean-Yves

Project Specialisations

Ingénierie des low-techs (NEW for 2022-23) LOWTEC BENGUIGUI Jean-Marc
Géolocalisation intelligente et mobilité durable (NEW for 2022-23) SMARTLOC SERVIERES Myriam
Health and Innovation (NEW for 2022-23) SANTINNO LECHEVALLIER Thomas

Professional Options

Personal project DPP LE BRIZAUT Jean-Sébastien
Entrepreneurship ENTRE GILQUIN Pascal
Business Finance FINANCE GILQUIN Pascal
International Business Development INGAFF BECK Julien
Engineering for Ecological Transition IECO BENGUIGUI Jean-Marc
Engineering and Digital Sciences for Art, Culture and Heritage INPACT LAROCHE Florent
Management, Leadership, Communication MLC MICHEL Catherine
Healthcare Engineering IGSANTE LECHEVALLIER Thomas
Research and Development REDEV BOURGUIGNON Sébastien
Science and Music SCIMUS PETIOT Jean-François
Disrupt'campus Nantes DISRUPT MAGNIN Morgan
Published on October 11, 2018 Updated on May 3, 2022