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Alessandro, MSc Industrial Engineering, Class of 2023

Smart and Connected Enterprise / EIT Manufacturing Platforms for Digitalized Value Networks

Published on February 21, 2022 Updated on March 8, 2024
"You learn what matters and ... you are exposed to different perspectives which is inspiring."
Could you describe in few words your studies/the courses you are taking?

We explore digital opportunities in industrial engineering: from addictive manufacturing to discrete event simulations, we go through all aspects of planning and managing productions and manufacturing projects.

What’s your academic background?

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Trento, Italy.

Why did you choose this master?

I am a EIT Digital graduate and I wanted to explore a new domain. I believe Industry 4.0 will bring several opportunities related to digital technologies and my background is quite relevant so I just jumped on the departing train.

Do you already have professional or entrepreneurial experience? Can you tell us more?

Yes, I worked two years as a Network Automation consultant at Juniper Networks in Amsterdam. After that, I briefly acted as a Field Application Engineer for smart-street lights projects deployed in Cambodia. I co-founded Kimitisik: we operate in the education management sector and we have the visionary audacious goal to empower people to create impact through entrepreneurial education and innovative education formats infused with challenge based learning.

What is your career plan after the master’s ?

Entrepreneurship taught me to live for today, learn from the past and foresee tomorrow’s challenges. I hope there’ll be the opportunity to co-create many successful organisations in my future, however, I live without a clear trajectory to adhere to!

What is life like on campus and in Nantes?

There is a very vibrant student life both on campus and in Nantes. Accommodation might be hard to find in September and October: I got lucky and found a T1 studio just a twenty minutes walk from the Campus.

Centrale Nantes in 3 words and why?

Engaging - many challenges, plenty of group projects, it’s hard to get bored!
Pragmatic - you learn what matters and the content of the courses is relevant.
Inspiring - you are exposed to different perspectives which is inspiring.

What’s the biggest challenge you had to face since your arrival in Nantes?

Turning a furnished apartment into a liveable home took many objects which I had hardly ever considered before in my life: that’s how I ended up desiring a dotted table cloth and yet resisted the temptation. At the supermarket, it’s always a challenge to choose butter, cheese and wine.

Published on February 21, 2022 Updated on March 8, 2024