Industrial Engineering - Master of Science (MSc)

Our Master's Programmes are taught in English, fully accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and give full access to PhD studies in France or abroad.

Choose from the following specialisms in Industrial Engineering:

MSc Agile Factory Management - I-ENG AFM

This specialism develops skills for agile factory management based on operational research methods and production management approaches, such as lean, adaptive and reactive management. Fundamental approaches for factory design and simulation will be introduced as well as performance assessment. At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to model and simulate production systems, to optimize production systems control strategies and to apply new assessment methods based on simulation and optimization approaches, taking into consideration different kinds of indicators (environmental, social, economical) related to agile factories.

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MSc Smart and Connected Enterprise - I-ENG SCE

The aim of this specialism is to introduce the new paradigms of company management based on new information environments and systems, including cyber-physical systems. At the conclusion of the programme, students should be able to model an enterprise, to simulate and optimize its performance, to model and develop solutions for inter-operability between information systems, based on ontologies and multi-view models at different scales (shop floor, factory, company, extended enterprise). New technologies like IoT, smart and agile organizations, etc., and interaction technologies, like virtual and augmented reality, will be integrated in the courses. The place of humans in new smart organizations will also be considered.

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More programmes in Industrial Engineering

EIT Manufacturing Master School

The Manufacturing Master School, which welcomed its first intake of students in September 2021, is set to be one of the main assets of the EIT Manufacturing innovation communities, spreading innovation and creating new business in the manufacturing ecosystem. Centrale Nantes, along with INP Grenoble, is one of only two French institutions to offer programmes as part of the EIT Manufacturing Master School.

The programmes offer mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation & entrepreneurship, and business modules. EIT-M Master’s graduates will generate start-ups or innovate within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness, environmental sustainability and to the creation of new quality jobs.

Two programmes are on offer at Centrale Nantes: Digital Manufacturing for Innovative Ecosystems and Data Science and AI for Competitive Manufacturing.
Published on November 21, 2023 Updated on December 13, 2023