Scholarships for Master of Science (MSc) Programmes

Scholarships available for students enrolling in a Master of Science (MSc) Programme in Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Control & Robotics, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering.

Learn more below about the different scholarship possibilities on offer:
  • Centrale Nantes Elite Scholarship
  • Government scholarships
  • Inter-government scholarships
  • Industry scholarships
  • Scholarships from organisations
  • European Programmes
  • Subsistence grants

Centrale Nantes Elite scholarships

Centrale Nantes Elite scholarships - up to a total of €3,000 for the two years - are awarded to non-European students accepted into the first year of one of the MSc programmes at Centrale Nantes.

Students who submit an application for a the Master 1 year by 20 February will be automatically considered for the scholarship, there is no specific application form to fill out.

Government scholarships

  • French government: Apply directly via Campus France or the French embassy of your home country. You can check the Campus France online scholarship catalogue.
  • Foreign governments: Contact the Ministry of Education or the scholarship authority of your country:
  • LPDP In Indonesia (for our MSc Marine Technology)
  • CONACYT in Mexico
  • CSC for China

Inter-government scholarships

Industry scholarships

In order to meet industrial expectations in terms of research and innovation with the training and selection of students from the best international institutions, Centrale Nantes develops specific scholarship programmes with industrial companies such as TOTAL.

Scholarships from organisations

Applications must be submitted directly to the organisation, do not forget to submit your application at the same time on the Centrale Nantes application portal eCandidat.
  • COLFURTURO (Colombia) propose the scholarship-loan financial support. 
  • PTDF (Nigeria) can cover your tuition fees and living expenses during your studies.

European programmes

> Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

5 Centrale Nantes Master's programmes currently hold the Erasmus Mundus label of excellence from the European Commission. European and Consortium scholarships may be awarded  for the EMJM programmes:

> Erasmus +

  • Erasmus + International Credit Mobility (KA107): Lebanon, Ukraine, Japan, Kazahkstan, India, Morocco. Contact the international office of your home institution.
  • Erasmus+ for Higher Education Staff and Students (KA103): all students from a European country which is part of the Erasmus+ programme is entitled to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship. Contact the international office of your home institution.

CROUS subsistence grants

CROUS grants are awarded by the French state on a means-tested basis to students formally enrolled on the Engineering programme at Centrale Nantes. Specific conditions apply for International students.


Published on April 13, 2018 Updated on February 15, 2024