Accomodation for Students with Disabilities

An Activist Policy

Every year for the last ten years, Centrale Nantes has offered two extra registrations at the admission exam to students with disabilities. In this way, the school receives one or two students with disabilities almost every term. The organization at the school, and the fact that there is a resident nurse present 80 % of the time, makes it possible to take care of everyone individually. From the beginning of term, the nurse makes individual contact in order to get acquainted.

Everyday Life

On the initiative of the Medical Service, all services involved with the arrival of students have been informed of the difficulties encountered by a person with disabilities. In the same way, teachers, especially those working in the mechanical manufacturing workshop and teachers in physical education and sports, have been informed. Moreover, The Engineering Students' Association has been given directives that priority be given to students with disabilities when treating applications for lodging in the universitary residence Max Schmitt.


In order to take examinations or follow medical treatment, accomodation is provided at the beginning of the year to the engineering students with disabilities.
Publié le July 8, 2003 Mis à jour le December 3, 2007