Francisco Chinesta at the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain

Francisco Chinesta, Professor of Computational Mechanics at Centrale Nantes is designated as Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain.

on November 3, 2014

The Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (Spanish: Real Academia de Ingeniería, RAI) is a corporation under public law entity that is governed by its statutes and by its internal regulations. Its main function is to promote works and studies that reflect scientific progress in the field of engineering, its technological applications and its operational techniques.
Francisco Chinesta is also titular from 2008 to 2012 of the EADS Corporate Foudation International Chair on Advanced Modeling of Composites Manufacturing Processes and titular from 2013 of the ESI International Chair on Advanced Simulation Strategies. He is associate member of the University of Wales Institute of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics. In 2011, he was nominated senior member of the "Insitut Universitaire de France" - IUF.

His main research contribution concerns the proposal and development of efficient model reduction strategies based on the proper orthogonal decomposition and more particularly the development of separated representations based strategies (PGD). The main motivation being the solution of challenging engineering problems with all their complexities, as fast as possible (in real time) and using as light as possible computing platforms (e.g. tablets or smartphones), opening new routes for real time simulation and optimization, inverse analysis and simulations based control.
Published on November 4, 2014 Updated on March 26, 2017