Published on March 21, 2017 Updated on October 24, 2017
Atelier Inter Establishment Production and IT Resource Center for MEChanical Engineering
Inter-establishment technical resource centers

The A.I.P. (Inter-Establishment Production Engineering Workshops), regional resource centres created are used as an experimental support for high-level training in the Industrial Automation field; PRIMECA (Computing Resouce Centres for Mechanical Engineering), promote the use of computing tools in the design of mechanical products and establish training programmes in Computer-Aided Mechanical Design.

The network is designed to contribute towards federating higher education establishments and working on the triple theme of Training. Research and industry to favour a better visibility for our mechanical and industrial automation courses, both nationality and internationality.
Organised around resource units, 10 local centres stimulate training and research in Integrated Mechanical Design and Industrial Automation. The association of pedagogical and scientific skills gives rise to a training and research environment around the themes of integrated engineering, furthering interdisciplinary project-based training for the future managers of the industrial world. Here research is transferred to the worlds of teaching and business, using industrial-strength equipment and software.

For more information, visit AIP-PRIMECA.

Recent XAO platform at Centrale Nantes

An XAO platform recently reinforced the dynamic of AIP-PRIMECA in the Pays de la Loire region. In place at Centrale Nantes, it comprises:

A dedicated area for Computer Aided Design
A dedicated area for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
A dedicated area for Computer Aided Manufacturing

This platform is mainly intended for teaching engineering students at Centrale Nantes. It is open to students from different training streams: IUT, IUP, bachelor, master, engineering and continuing education. This platform is also a tool made available to companies in the framework of collaboration, prospective studies and continuing education.

Published on March 21, 2017 Updated on October 24, 2017