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LOC Group enhances its wind farm design offering through the acquisition of INNOSEA, a Centrale Nantes spin-off

LOC Renewables, a part of LOC Group, the leading international marine and engineering consultancy, has announced it has acquired a 70% stake in INNOSEA, a marine energy engineering company. The acquisition will see LOC Group build out its planning and design services to the offshore wind industry.

on June 21, 2018

INNOSEA has world-class expertise in engineering and modelling for the marine environment, particularly in the areas of offshore structures & turbine engineering for fixed and floating substructures.

With a team of 25, the company offers a range of services to comprehensively support the development cycle of marine renewable technologies and projects, from concept studies and detailed engineering, to basin and sea trials, surveys and certification support. INNOSEA’s main areas of expertise include the design of fixed and floating substructures for the offshore wind, with all related hydrodynamic, metocean, structural, aeroelastic analyses.

Combined, LOC Renewables and INNOSEA will offer an increasingly comprehensive array of services to support the offshore wind sector, ranging from the planning and permitting stages through to operation and maintenance of the completed farm.

INNOSEA’s international development is a fine example of our desire to provide close support for companies. Startups, SMEs, indeed companies of all sizes, can benefit from collaboration with Centrale Nantes and real support for their research. Nearly half of the school's budget comes from industrial collaboration. Arnaud Poitou, Director of Centrale Nantes

R.V. Ahilan, Joint Group Chief Executive of LOC, said: Separately, LOC Renewables and INNOSEA have provided a range of comprehensive services to our clients working in the offshore renewables markets for many years.
By acquiring INNOSEA, we are able to consolidate this offering ‘under one roof’, streamlining the process for our customers and furthering our strategy of ambitious growth in the renewables market. This acquisition, coming hard on the heels of our recent initiatives in geoscience and turbine engineering, enables LOC Renewables to provide a comprehensive capability, not only for complete early wind farm development but also for the integrated design that is so crucial to reducing costs in the sector.

Hakim Mouslim, joint founder of INNOSEA, added: This acquisition offers an exciting opportunity for both of our companies to accelerate our growth in the market, allowing us to extend the services we provide to our Clients and to deliver these globally together with LOC Renewables. In turn, our expertise and leadership in the early stages of project development will complement LOC’s existing offering.

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  • [legende-image]1488297227868[/legende-image] Learn more about INNOSEA: innosea.fr INNOSEA is an independent engineering firm specializing in Marine Renewable Energies (MRE): offshore wind (fixed and floating), tidal energy, wave energy, and ocean thermal energy. INNOSEA is a spin-off company from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes. INNOSEA offers technical expertise and multidisciplinary engineering services for MRE systems and production farms. It aims to increase the profitability of its clients’ projects while preserving the integrity of the systems through their life cycle. To this end, INNOSEA offers engineering solutions that are tailored to design machines and marine energy production farms. The team of MRE experts includes engineers and academics specializing in aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, structural analysis and geotechnical engineering. Using numerical modeling of offshore structures for design and engineering phases is a key asset of the company.
Published on June 21, 2018 Updated on June 21, 2018