Optional membership fees


€150 membership fee for three years
Details will be published shortly on how to pay your membership.


The AS of Centrale Nantes offers various individual or team sports to enable students and develop their skills.

Membership fees:

  • €35 first semester (if leaving in S6 or S8).
  • €70 per annum for engineers, €35 per year for ITIIs, alternating students and masters.


  • Preferably by bank transfer to facilitate the procedures, the RIB will be sent at the beginning of the school year.
  • Otherwise, cheque payable to l'AS Centrale Nantes.
Supporting documents:
Send the two following documents in a single e-mail to the following address: ascn@ec-nantes.fr
  • A Medical Certificate (document in French) for rugby and boxing: this certificate must be renewed every year for these sports, the 2021-2022 season certificate is no longer valid
  • A Health Questionnaire (document in French) for other activities
  •  IMPORTANT: A bank transfer certificate with the subject "Membership AS ECN 22-23 "Name_of_the_student" " (Only if the payment is made by bank transfer)
Additional information:
  • To join the sports association you must be up to date with current compulsory vaccinations. 
  • If you are exempt from sport for medical reasons, you must bring a medical certificate at the beginning of the school year.

Centrale Nantes Alumni Network - CNA

Student rate for lifelong membership: €350 (one-time payment by cheque or credit/debit card) or five annual payments of €50 followed by 4 quarterly payments of €50, i.e. €450 in total (payment in instalments by direct debit)

Published on February 16, 2017 Updated on September 7, 2022