Specialisations and Options - Years 2 and 3

Specialisations designed to tackle key societal challenges

At Centrale Nantes we firmly believe that engineers must bring unique perspective. That is why we offer advanced technical and scientific education, which remains broad and multi-disciplinary in nature. Our graduates are able to place these scientific subjects in a global context, taking full account of societal and environmental concerns. Drawing upon 1) the priorities defined nationally with regard to industrial policy, and 2) our strong and targeted ambitions for innovation, Centrale Nantes has designed its curriculum around key societal challenges.

Students follow two distinct specialisations, in their second and third years respectively. Students completing both years 2 and 3 will advance their knowledge in two distinct disciplines commensurate with their career development plans. They choose from over 20 specialisations below focused on these key challenges combined with a cross-disciplinary approach to research and innovation.

Doctorate Specialisation

A further specialisation is open to final year students only: Doctorate.

Professional Options - Year 3

In addition to their chosen specialisation in their final year, students choose a professional option which focuses on a particular sector of activity or function. Each option comprises 136 hours of courses including project work within the relevant field.
Published on June 26, 2003 Updated on February 26, 2024