Engineering Programme - Year 1

The common-core curriculum in year 1 provides students with broad-based multi-disciplinary engineering training. Technical and scientific courses make up 70% of the curriculum with the remaining 30% of the programme devoted to modern languages, management, social sciences and sport. A total of 770 hours of classes are thus delivered over two semesters, including 80 hours of elective technical courses.

Students benefit from first-hand industrial experience during year 1 with an industrial study project in the second semester and a 4-week internship to discover industry in July/August. Students also commit to a civic engagement during their first year of studies whereby they make a contribution to society through volunteer work.

Overview of the Common-Core Curriculum

Modern Languages, Management, Social Sciences and Sport

In addition to the acquisition of technical and scientific expertise, Centrale Nantes places a strong emphasis on personal development and the fostering of interpersonal skills.

Two modern languages (English and a choice of second language) and sport are taught throughout the three years of the engineering programme. In the first year programme management courses include: personal and career development, communication, project management, economics, finance and marketing. First year students also choose a social science elective course.

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Published on March 16, 2017 Updated on January 18, 2018