Train your personnel

Centrale Nantes Executive Education builds on the education programmes on offer to Centrale Nantes students in its fields of expertise: scientific, technological and managerial. Whether you are a graduate of Centrale Nantes, a company employee, or a job seeker, Centrale Nantes can help you to develop your skills.

Courses leading to a certificate

These training courses, whether they last a few hours or several weeks, lead to a certificate and:
  • promote the professional development of managers and engineers in active employment.
  • facilitate and strengthen the company's development in a new market
  • help job seekers to successfully change careers

Courses leading to a qualification

Successful completion on these courses leads to a qualification listed on the RNCP - (National Register of Professional Certifications), which is both a key to obtaining funding for training and genuine professional recognition.

Tailored Programmes

Centrale Nantes transfers its expertise through its Executive Education programmes. This is one of Centrale Nantes main aims: to fully participate in the process of cross-fertilization between academia and the corporate world.

Centrale Nantes is committed to providing a tailored response to your training needs with short courses on topics such as:

  •     Sustainable development
  •     Marine Renewable Energies
  •     Composite materials
  •     Thermodynamics of engine systems
  •     Earthquake Engineering
  •     Geographic Information Systems
  •     Leadership
  •     Customer communication
  •     Making Science accessible
  •     Time Management
  •     Financial Management
  •     Job interviews
These courses allow trainees to acquire skills which are immediately transferable to a professional context. The above courses can be adapted according to company requirements.

Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on April 24, 2020