Equality and Diversity Committee


It is no secret that our diversity makes us collectively stronger and more resilient, yet our apparent or perceived differences sometimes make us seem strange to others or to ourselves and may deprive us of certain opportunities.

The goal of the Diversity and Equality Committee is to ensure that everyone is free to embrace their differences and identity without fear of scrutiny from others and to maintain equality and respect for all.

Openness and the courage to be oneself are among the values of Centrale Nantes. "Gender equality", "Reduced inequalities" and "Peace, Justice and strong institutions" are among the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Hence our shared commitment to ensure that our practices reflect these principles and this ambition.



The committee is organized into 5 working groups: International, Gender Equality, Disability, Secularism, LGBTQI+. Each working group is facilitated by 2 to 5 people - 2 students, 2 members of staff and one external observer - and reports annually on its work by proposing a status report and concrete proposals designed to help everyone progress.
Published on December 2, 2020 Updated on October 4, 2021