Teaching Department

Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology Department


The Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology Department hosts 20 faculty members and is responsible for first year courses in computer science, mathematics and biology as well as a number of specialisations. The department also participates in the some of the school's Master's and Bachelor's programmes. 

First year courses:
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Algorithms and Programming 
  • Information Systems
  • Biology

Specialisations and Options:


Affiliated institution(s)
Academic Affairs
Françoise Foucher, Head of Department

Teaching and research staff:

José Aguado
Domenico Borzacchiello
Marie Billaud-Friess
Hugues Digonnet
Françoise Foucher
Rebecca Fribourg
Carito Guziolowski
Jean-Sébastien Le Brizaut
Lucas Lestandi
Didier Lime
Sophie Limou
Morgan Magnin
Jean-Yves Martin
Bertrand Michel
Jean-Marie Normand
Anthony Nouy
Mathieu Ribatet
Olivier Roux
Luisa Silva
Mazen Saad
Aurélien Sérandour
Myriam Servières
Vincent Tourre


Published on June 23, 2003 Updated on November 2, 2023