Teaching Department

Computer Science and Mathematics Department


The Computer Science and Mathematics Department is responsible for first year courses in computer science and mathematics as well as a number of specialisations. The department also participates in the some of the school's Masters programmes. 

First year courses:
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Algorithms and Programming 
  • Information Systems


Professional Option:


Affiliated institution(s)
Academic Affairs
Françoise Foucher, Head of the Computer Science and Mathematics Department

Teaching and research staff:

Anthony Nouy
Bertrand Michel
Carito Guziolowski
Didier Lime
Françoise Foucher
Guillaume Moreau
Hugues Digonnet
Jean-Marie Normand
Jean-Sébastien Le Brizaut
Jean-Yves Martin
Luisa Silva
Marie Billaud-Friess
Mazen Saad
Morgan Magnin
Aurélien Sérandour
Myriam Servières
Olivier Roux
Sophie Limou
Vincent Tourre


Published on June 23, 2003 Updated on May 6, 2019