Exchange Year / Semester

About the programme

International students selected by our partner institutions abroad have the opportunity to spend one semester or one year of their studies at Centrale Nantes and obtain ECTS credits. A selection of Master of Science (MSc) courses which are taught exclusively in English are on offer.

One-year exchanges at Centrale Nantes commence at the beginning of September. If you are interested in a shorter programme, semester exchanges are also proposed for both the autumn and spring semesters, commencing respectively in September and February.


  • Only those students selected and introduced by their home institution - which must be a partner of Centrale Nantes - are eligible to apply for an exchange year or semester.
  • You will receive the application form as soon as your university has officially nominated you to

Application deadlines

  • Applications for the year exchange or autumn semester must be received no later than 15 May
  • Applications for the spring semester must be received no later than 31 October.

How to apply?

1. Contact the International Office of your home institution. 
2. Check out the courses on offer
3. Register online before the deadline (31 October / 15 May).
4. Download and complete all required documents. For the learning agreement, we do not accept any other template than those available on our website for the application.

To register, please have the following documents ready to upload:
  • your CV (Europass for European students)
  • a cover letter (in French or English)
  • your latest transcript of records
  • your complete and signed learning agreement (use the templates downloadable on our website)
  • copy of ID or passport.

Your application will be assessed by the Centrale Nantes commission. You will be notified of the outcome in due course.
Published on September 24, 2013 Updated on May 22, 2023