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Muhammad Tufail Shahzad, EMship

Emship advanced design, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Published on June 18, 2018 Updated on March 11, 2019
"All the expectations I had were not only met but were exceeded."
1 - You hold a Master’s degree from Centrale Nantes. Could you describe in few words your Master’s studies?

My time at ECN was most rewarding, valuable, and enlightening of all my duration during EMSHIP. My entire personal outlook would be forever changed had I not attended it. I was astounded not only by the faculty’s ability to foster academic originality in the students but also by the facilities as well.

2 - What’s your current position?

Currently I am working as Naval architect & Innovation manager at MasterShip Software BV in Netherlands.

3 - How did your studies at Centrale Nantes help you to build your career?

I would say that credit goes to the all partner universities (ULiege, Belgium - ECN, France - ITU, Turkey - ZUT, Poland) of this Erasmus Mundus program. EMShip has played a significant role in my life. I had great friends who had a good influence on me and learned a lot in both personal and professional ways.

4 - How is the Centrale Nantes campus life and your daily life in Nantes?

Many students enter college expecting good times, knowledge, friendships, and a new sense of direction and ECN gave me the opportunity to get all that I could expect. The iconic campus is filled with unique perspectives, opportunities, and events. A very new way of teaching for me, all the academic courses, lab works and practical trainings were very well organised, the interaction between students and professor was very friendly and it helped me a lot in every possible way to learn new things. All the expectations I had were not only met but were exceeded.

5 - If you had to describe Centrale Nantes in 3 words, which ones would you choose?  Could you give one sentence per word to explain?

Challenging: ECN helped us find out how much we’re really capable of and made us reach higher than we thought we could (for sure in my case). At ECN, I challenged myself in ways that I did not imagine possible and learned to believe in my ability to achieve.

Competition: I must say that it doesn’t lead to the traditional concept of competition that we must outperform others, but it leads toward the idea that we are always  competing with our past and are actively seeking to surpass it, which defines a better future for us.

Family: By describing ECN as family it’s just as true as of my understanding about the family. To me, family is where we get sociable and know more about things. ECN has a closeknit family feel that makes this college experience even more wonderful.

Published on June 18, 2018 Updated on March 11, 2019