Recruit a degree apprenticeship student

Have you considered taking on a degree apprenticeship student in your company?

Centrale Nantes is totally geared towards working hand-in-hand with industry. We were one of the first general engineering schools to introduce degree apprenticeships. Two different degree apprenticeship programmes are on offer at Centrale Nantes:

  1. within the general engineering programme
  2. in partnership with the ITII des Pays de la Loire.

Avantages for the company in both formats:

  • train a multi-skilled engineer with a high scientific and technological level who is committed and open to the diversity of knowledge for one, two or three years. 
  • Provide him/her with training tailored to your business and transmit your corporate culture with a view to recruitment at the end of the course.

Apprenticeship within the general engineering programme

  • The admission procedures (via competitive entrance examinations) and the diploma obtained are identical to those for all students on the engineering programme.
  • Degree apprenticeship students follow the same or similar courses as their fellow engineering programme students.
  • Students are prepared in advance for recruitment events: afterwork events, CV - cover letter workshops, training for job interviews. 

3 options:

One year degree apprenticeship

Two year degree apprenticeship

Three year degree apprenticeship

contrat de professionnalisation apprentissage apprentissage
  • Recruit a final year student
  • The student follows one of the final year specialisations
  • Recruit a second year student
  • The student has already completed the first year at Centrale Nantes
  • Recruit a first year student (joining the school in September)
  • Apprenticeship Day in October/November bringing together recruiters and students.
Apprentice arrives in the company: early September Apprentice arrives in the company: early September Apprentice arrives in the company: 1 December

Degree apprenticeship in partnership with ITII Pays de la Loire

In partnership with the ITII Pays de la Loire (Institut des Techniques d'Ingénieur de l'Industrie), Centrale Nantes trains engineers specialising in:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction and Public Works
  • Communicating Embedded Systems
  • Programme applicants must hold a two-year post-secondary qualification (DUT - diplôme universitaire de technologie or BTS - brevet de technicien supérieur).
  • The three-year course is taught on the Centrale Nantes campus
  • The degree awarded is the diplôme d'ingénieur de Spécialité de l'Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
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Published on April 6, 2020 Updated on February 15, 2023