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A first in France: Centrale Nantes and Pôle Emploi offer an employment programme for PhD holders

Centrale Nantes and Pôle Emploi (Employment Centre) are testing an employment programme for PhD holders for the first time in France. A free and paid training course in "Skills for the business world" for PhD-qualified job-seekers in Loire Atlantique opens on Monday 4 December.

on December 4, 2017

Ten PhD-qualified job-seekers from different academic backgrounds start their course in "Compétences pour l'entreprise" - CPE (Skills for the business world) today. Centrale Nantes was given the approval of the CDEFI (Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering) to provide CPE courses last May.

As the first engineering school to offer the “Skills for the business world” course to 10 job seekers from all disciplines, Centrale Nantes is offering its expertise to PhD holders trained in other academic fields for this first experiment. Usually open to PhD students, the CPE course, initiated by the CDEFI and supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, has never before been opened up to PhD holders.

  • Fact: the PhD degree is the most internationally recognized qualification; our French PhD holders are very sought after internationally
  • Objective: for young graduates to understand how to enhance the excellence of their training with their future employer

Designed to help PhD holders secure employment, the course aims to pass on a number of skills required in business. Successful course participants receive a nationally-recognised certificate of achievement.

Practical details:
  • 250 hours : 4 sessions followed by a 3-month internship (05/02 - 30/04/2018)
  • location: Centrale Nantes
  • more information: cpe@ec-nantes.fr
Through this joint project, Centrale Nantes and Pôle Emploi are demonstrating their ability to prepare graduates for different company roles and functions together and to support skills development throughout working life.

Published on December 4, 2017 Updated on December 4, 2017