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Centrale Nantes signs the Grenoble Accord

The Student COP2 - a student-led initiative to encourage higher education institutions to commit to ecological transition - took place in April 2021. 70 working groups produced a white paper and drafted an agreement for the institutions to adopt.

on July 1, 2021

Centrale Nantes worked in coordination with the Écoles Centrale Groupe (GEC), on the initiative of the GITE (Groupe Intercentrales pour la Transition Ecologique) and the heads of sustainable development/social responsibility/transition in the different Écoles Centrale.

Centrale Nantes is a signatory of the "Grenoble Accord" and is committed to transition through:

Clear goals

  • Raise awareness among 100% of students by 2022 and train 100% of students within 5 years, offer training courses to staff
  • Adapt teaching to the challenges of transition
  • Increase the contribution of research in the transition effort
  • Varied partnerships that respect socio-ecological issues
  • Train responsible staff, prepare learners for an active posture in their future career
  • Guarantee a human and social policy within the institution: diversity, decent working and study conditions
  • Monitor and publish its carbon footprint in compliance with current French regulations
  • Reduce GHG emissions

5 commitments

  • Act to achieve these goals
  • Develop action plans in line with these objectives - Board of Governors at Centrale Nantes approved the Sustainable Development Action Plan which includes these goals on 1 July
  • Establish a permanent tripartite working group of students, faculty, administrative and technical staff on socio-ecological issues - 32 sustainable development representatives and 25 participants in the Equality and Diversity Committee are working to advance projects on the themes of training, research, environmental management of the campus (Energy, Waste, Mobility, Food, Biodiversity, Sustainable Purchasing, Digital, International, Gender Equality, Disability, Secularism, LGBTQI+.)
  • Complete the COP2 survey to assess the institution's progress
  • Propose an action plan with the institution's specific commitments (see details on the agreement signed by Centrale Nantes)
Download the agreement signed by Centrale Nantes (in French)
Learn more about COP2
Published on September 3, 2021 Updated on November 9, 2022