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First Bioprinting tests

The bioprinting machine arrived on the Centrale Nantes campus last May. The first tests have begun.

on November 25, 2016

*Itun: Institute of Transplantation - Urology - Nephrology . Itun aims to develop research activity in close association with its healthcare and teaching remit. With a staff of over 300, Itun is today one of the leading European liver transplant centres (5000th transplant  reached in 2015), one of the leading French centres for double transplants of the liver and pancreas and amongst the European leaders for pancreas transplants. The institute has a track record of medical firsts, particularly in the area of immunointervention. Based on this culture in Transplant immunointervention, IHU Cesti (Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire, Center of Transplant and Immunotherapy Sciences) is devoted to extending its expertise in immunology to other innovative Biotherapies: Cell and Gene therapies.
From left to right: P. Chichiricco, F. Halary, B. Rosa, J.-Y. Hascoët
Centrale Nantes is one of the higher education establishments blazing a trail in bioprinting, a field in which the school is working closely with Nantes University Hospital and Inserm. Bioprinting uses 3D printing technologies to print living tissue.

The machine, which was designed at Centrale Nantes, is now operational. The next step is to run the first tests with the syringes: viscosity, needle size, output, pressure etc. Engineering questions are of prime importance at this stage - it is essential to determine the right balance with the right element in order to dispense matter precisely, without cell damage. The first tests will be undertaken using water, and then collagen. Cells will then be incorporated into the collagen.

The team working on these tests:

Jean-Yves HASCOËT, Dean of Research at Centrale Nantes
Benoît ROSA, Researcher at Centrale Nantes
Pauline CHICHIRICCO, PhD student at LIOAD (Laboratory of osteoarticular and dental engineering), Inserm
Franck HALARY, Researcher at ITUN*, Inserm

Published on November 28, 2016 Updated on March 21, 2017