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A new milestone on the road to Nantes University with the publication of the decree creating the new institution

A new milestone has been reached on the road towards establishing Nantes University with the publication of the decree in the Official Journal on 3 October 2021. The new institution created by Centrale Nantes, the University of Nantes, Nantes University Hospital, Inserm, Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts, Nantes School of Architecture and Jules Verne Institute of Technology (IRT) will come into being on 1 January 2022.

on October 4, 2021

Nantes University aims to accelerate the unique dynamic of the Nantes area, where research is in tune with the key players and economic and social challenges. The project aims to consolidate Nantes' expertise and its innovative trajectory in research, training and technology transfer in two fields of excellence: health and the industry of the future.

Scope and responsibilities

Nantes University will assume responsibility for all the activities of the University of Nantes, and will share and coordinate certain responsibilities with Centrale Nantes, the School of Fine Arts and the School of Architecture. Centrale Nantes, as a member of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, contributes to strategic development of Nantes University.

The school's Board of Governors retains all its prerogatives, as do the Academic Council and Scientific Council. Staff retain their status, whether they are administrative, technical, teaching or research staff.

The new configuration does not affect how the school functions from the inside. The school retains its powers in terms of budget, HR management, student enrolment and degree awards.

What new opportunities are afforded to the school?

Nantes University opens up new opportunities to deploy innovative approaches to research, training and innovation, while retaining and developing our grande école strengths.

The new establishment will allow the school to increase its scientific collaboration, particularly in the basic sciences, with interdisciplinary perspectives and an increased capacity to work on projects at the interface between engineering and health, in interaction with the Faculty of Medicine, Inserm and the University Hospital.

Nantes University will provide the scope to develop master's and PhD training programmes of international standing within the Graduate Schools. Centrale Nantes will coordinate the "Engineering and Systems" Graduate School, which will cover all disciplines related to engineering, automation and systems.


Next steps

Marc Renner has been appointed provisional administrator by the Rector of the Pays de la Loire academic region, Chancellor of the Universities, and is responsible for organising the elections of the new institution's bodies.

Thus, in mid-November, the 46,000 or so students and staff of the university and its component institutions will be invited to elect their representatives to Nantes University's bodies. The students and staff of the school will participate in the elections for the Board of Governors and the Academic Council and will be able to stand as candidates in these elections.

Further milestones lie ahead for the new establishment: the visit of the idex-isite jury on 21 October, the election of the president of Nantes University in December, and the panel presentation in January.

Nantes University composition

  • The university's components (UFR, faculties, institutes, schools, etc.) and university research divisions: Humanities, Health, Science & Technology, and Society.
  • 3 component institutions: Centrale Nantes, ensa Nantes School of Architecture, Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts
  • Other partners: Nantes University Hospital and Jules Verne Institute of Technology (IRT)
  • Inserm

See the decree (Décret n° 2021-1290 du 1er octobre 2021 portant création de Nantes Université et approbation de ses statuts)
Published on October 6, 2021 Updated on January 3, 2022