Degree apprenticeship - over three years of the Engineering Programme

Apprenticeship openings

The decision to follow this path is taken at the beginning of the first year of the engineering programme. Advice is provided to help students make their choice via a career's forum and exchanges with teachers, students and alumni.

Industrial partner companies and other firms  (startups, SMEs etc) have numerous apprenticeship openings for the coming year:

The advantages of a degree apprenticeship

  • The same courses and the same diploma as other students on the engineering programme, in a sandwich course format. 
  • Direct relevance of business experience during academic studies.
  • Involvement and responsibilities in the company over a three-year period.
  • Acquisition in the three-year period of professsional experience as well as academic knowledge and scientific, technical and interpersonal skills. 
  • Guidance of both a business and an academic tutor throughout the three years.
  • A net monthly salary of between €600 and €1500
  • A choice of posts advertised at Centrale Nantes and companies.
  • A real competitive advantage post graduation conveyed by signficant professional experience and knowledge of a sector of activity. 

Florian B. - degree apprenticeship with RTE, Class of 2016

talking about his experience during the programme:


In prépa classes (classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles - preparing for the competitive entrance examinations to French engineering schools), a lot of time is spent on theoretical notions, often disconnected from their practical use. Whether it is by engaging in professional associations such as the Junior Entreprise or by choosing a degree apprenticeship, the courses at Centrale mean that we get to confront concrete problems.
At RTE, I work on network studies and discover from the inside all the practical aspects related to the production and management of energy.


Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on January 10, 2019