Engineering programme - degree apprenticeships

Also on offer at Centrale Nantes is the option to complete the engineering programme via a degree apprenticeship. Students combine studies with first-hand industrial experience - either over the three years of study (apprentissage) or for only the final year (contrat de professionnalisation).

The combination of engineering studies and practical training is a valuable asset. The student alternates between periods of work in the company and of study on campus, thus benefitting from supervision and support on two levels: academic, by a teacher tutor, and professional by a company tutor.

During the one or three years of the degree apprenticeship, students thus acquire practical experience and expertise as well as being exposed to company culture. The degree obtained is the same as that conferred by the standard engineering programme (Master level) and the courses are the same or similar.

Degree apprenticeship over three years

Years 1 to 3 at Centrale Nantes

Degree apprenticeship in final year

Final Year at Centrale Nantes
(contrat de professionnalisation)

Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on December 19, 2017