Product Engineering


To train engineers capable of taking a global view of the design/industrialization process for a manufactured product, and acquiring the scientific and technological skills needed to understand how a product is developed and brought to market, integrating all stages of the life cycle.

Through in-depth study of the triumvirate of product/client/industrial system, this specialisation places the emphasis on technical expertise, but also on management and people skills.

Contribution to sustainable development goals

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International students can follow this specialisation, taught in French, via:

  • A double degree programme - Open to international students selected by our partner institutions. Selected students spend two years studying courses from the engineering programme at Centrale Nantes. This usually includes one year of the common-core engineering curriculum followed by one year of specialisation. Double degree students are typically accepted after successfully completing two or three years of higher education in their home institution.
  • The fast-track engineering programme: Open to students with a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in science. Our fast-track programme gives international students who are qualified to bachelor level the opportunity to gain the 'diplôme d'ingénieur' in just two years.
Course Content
2023/24 Academic Year
Autumn Semester Spring Semester
Choice of Materials and their Deployment Industrial Design
Product design Processes
Product modelling and development Costing, purchasing, and pricing
Product use Production system
Production compliance and stability Project 2
Rapid Manufacturing Internship
Design of experiments
Programming control machines and objects
Project 1

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Examples of projects and internships

Examples of past projects

  • Study and development of a POMER - self-sufficient energy-generating unit fed by a hydrogen fuel cell (Pure E.T.)
  • Design and production of sports wheelchair prototypes for Paralympic athletes (Team 303)
  • Development of a system to recycle components and materials - (Veolia)
  • Design of a mobile system to carry out the regulatory load bearing tests of sports equipment (sportest)
  • Design and development of tools for escalator maintenance (Enerpac)
  • Study and development of a recharging station for VAE in the public space (Abri Plus)

Examples of past internships

  • Purchasing process analysis assistant (Nestlé)
  • Production methods engineer (Naval Group)
  • Industrialization and methods project engineer (Airbus Atlantic)
  • Product and project management of innovative cloud solutions (Bosch Engineering GmbH)
  • Product engineer baskets/maintenance (Decathlon)
  • Design and production of a model of a joint crossing for a mechanical cable transmission (CEA)
  • Intern Product Technical Engineer (Valeo Vision)
  • Biofabrication and segmentation in NX CAD software (Janus Engineering France)
After the specialisation

Sectors of activity

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Naval
  • Construction
  • Machinery
  • Consultancy
  • Food industry

Career prospects

  • Research and development engineer
  • Product manager
  • Project manager in industrial development
  • Quality engineer
  • Project manager / staff for a design project, new product or service manager
  • Innovation manager


Published on March 16, 2017 Updated on January 2, 2024