Double Degree in Engineering and Architecture

A dual culture in engineering and architecture at the crossroads of civil engineering, environment and architecture

Faced with the technological challenges of structures, architectural design and technical solutions are becoming increasingly intertwined, which requires design professions to possess this dual skill. At the end of this programme, graduates have an understanding of space and volume and can design urban and architectural projects in their environment with an aesthetic, technical and regulatory approach.

Students follow a four-and-a-half year curriculum, broken down as follows:
  • The first 2 years of the engineering programme at Centrale Nantes, comprising a core curriculum and a specialisation in one of the following fields: Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction, Engineering Science for Housing and Urban Environment. This part of the programme includes 120 hours of architecture courses. 
  • 2 years at ensa Nantes (to Master level)
  • Final 6-month internship

Selection of applicants

During the first year of the engineering programme, applicants for the double degree take part in architecture courses and exercises for two months. At the end of this period, they are selected based on their application form, results and interview.

A double degree

Successful completion of the double degree programme leads to dual certification in engineering (certifié CTI - commission des titres d'ingénieur) and in architecture (certifié CCST - commission culturelle, scientifique et technique pour les formations en architecture).

Learn more about the double degree (in French)
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on November 27, 2023