Energy Production and Management


Head of Specialisation: Jean-François Hetet


Improvements in energy efficiency, the development of renewable energies and energy storage are amongst the main challenges facing engineers today. It is within this context that this specialisation aims to provide general engineering students with the skills to deal with cross- and multi-disciplinary issues linked to energy. The following fields are covered:
- conventional energy production
- renewable energy production (wind, solar and thermal power...)
- energy management, transport and storage
- efficient use of energy particularly in industry and construction
- consideration of the environmental constraints linked to energy (depollution of energy production systems).

List of Courses

  • Combustion and pollutant emissions
  • Turbomachinery
  • Applied thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamic of engines
  • Conventional energies
  • Low-carbon energies
  • Transport - storage - conversion and energy management
  • Practical work
  • Thermal performance of buildings
  • Heat and air-conditioning systems
  • Solar captation
  • Carbon balance and energy auditing
  • Projects 1 and 2




Examples of past projects

Design, production and testing of a thermal solar collector  
Study on inter-seasonal heat storage
Study on concentrated solar power
Integration of forecasted weather data into the energy control system of the Solar Decathlon prototype
Thermal study of housing (steady-state calculation and dynamic thermal simulation)
Study of a cogeneration system and combined cycles
Study of an ocean thermal energy system

Examples of past internships

Assistant Solar Project Manager (JP Energie Environnement)
Consultant in Carbon and Energy Transition Strategy (Carbone 4)
Heating and air-conditioning installation study and works
Energy optimization for a rotary kiln: experimental development of an innovative heat exchanger (IFSTTAR)
Study and improvement of tomorrow's power grid (RTE)
Integration of wind turbines into the electricity market (Maïa Eolis)

Sectors of activity and employment prospects

A wealth of employment prospects exist across industry:
  • Traditional energy production sector (EDF, Areva, GDF Suez, TOTAL, ALSTOM, ENI, E.ON)
  • Renewable energy production sector (Areva Solar, Naval Group, ALSTOM, SIEMENS, GE Wind Energy, Gamesa, REPower, Enercon,...)
  • Energy transport sector (RTE, Direct Energie, GrDF, ENI)
  • HVAC sector (Saunier Duval, GEA, Daikin, A2P,...),
  • Energy-consuming industries aiming to reduce their energy bill (SNCF, Saint Gobain, ArcelorMittal, Air Liquide, ...)
  • Engineering and design consultancies specialising in thermal comfort and building energy (Indiggo, Alterea, Alteréco,...)
  • National and international bodies promoting the development of renewable energies, and energy research centres (CEA, IFPEN)
Published on March 25, 2017 Updated on November 22, 2019