Industrial Engineering

Head: Raphael Chenouard


The objectives of this specialisation are to gain the capacity to understand a company and its organisation from an overall perspective (extended enterprise, information system, process, quality and standards etc), and to acquire the tools and methods for optimal management (decision making, production management, supply chain, change management etc.)

List of Courses


  • Roles and organization
  • Production management
  • Decision-making tools and methods
  • Product modelling
  • Enterprise modelling and performance
  • Project 1
  • Information systems and knowledge management
  • Risk management
  • Processes, quality and standards
  • Value networks
  • Costing, purchasing and pricing
  • Project 2
  • Change management
  • Simulation and operations research




Sectors of activity and employment prospects

Production management/organisation, management of industrial processes, internal and external supply chain, stocks/purchasing, costing/pricing, information systems (PLM, KBS, ERP, CRM), industrial systems of reference and best practice (competences and standards).
Published on November 20, 2015 Updated on January 25, 2018