Product Engineering

Head of specialisation: Matthieu Rauch


The aim of this specialisation to provide students with a complete picture of the design/industrialisation process of a manufactured product. They will acquire technological and scientific skills to understand the product development and industrialisation processes at all stages of the product lifecycle. Through in-depth study of the triumvirate of product/client/industrial system, this specialisation places the emphasis on technical expertise, but also on management and people skills.

List of Courses

  • People, product and organizations
  • Design of experiments
  • Product modelling and development
  • Product use
  • Product design
  • Materials and processes
  • Marketing
  • Production compliance and stability
  • Advanced design
  • Industrial design
  • Costing, purchasing, and pricing
  • Rapid manufacturing
  • Project 1 and 2




Examples of past projects

  • Design and prototyping of an urban scooter (Citius Innovation)
  • Optimization of a hydrofoil (Benoit Marie, skipper)
  • Development of tool to dismantle waste containers (Veolia Propreté)

Examples of past internships

  • Positions: quality engineer, assistant product manager, research and development engineer (mechanism design), industrial production, line improvement.
  • Companies: Desoutter, PSA, Faurecia, Stelia aerospace, Labinal, Manitou, Porsche, L'Oréal.

Sectors of activity and employment prospects

Research and development engineer, product manager, project manager in industrial development, project manager / staff for a design project, new product or service manager across different sectors: automotive, aeronautics, transport, consultancy.
Activities: materials - processes - sizing, design - development - modelling, computer-aided design prototyping, testing, industrialization - computer-aided design and manufacture.
Published on March 16, 2017 Updated on January 22, 2018