Virtual Reality

Head: Jean-Marie NORMAND


Digital models have largely replaced physical models in design processes, thanks mainly to the advances made in CAD and numerical simulation. However, CAD and numerical simulation methods do not allow for human integration into the system (procedure training, ergonomic studies, full-scale interaction with an object etc.) Virtual reality enables one or more humans to be immersed in and interact with an artificial digital world and thus broadens the use of digital models. 

This 500-hour specialisation reflects the changing needs of companies in Virtual Reality. Computer science and image synthesis are covered of course, but also related disciplines which contribute to building efficient immersive applications (cognitive science, mechanics and biomechanics, computer vision, man-machine interaction). The specialisation is taught in collaboration with Clarté.

List of Courses

  • C++ programming
  • Real-time 3D computer graphics
  • Fundamentals of virtual reality
  • From physical geometry to 3D virtual models
  • First semester project
  • Industrial software development
  • Audio immersion
  • 3D Interaction
  • Hands in VR - simulation and interaction in Virtual Reality
  • Collision detection and haptic feedback
  • Second Semester Project
  • Computer vision and augmented reality
  • Scientific visualisation
  • Virtual Reality Applications: Conferences



Examples of past projects

  • Force-feedback
  • Augmented reality planetarium
  • Automatic gesture recognition through motion capture

Examples of past internships

  • Development of a brain-computer interface (INSEP Vincennes)
  • Operator guidance in augmented reality (Clarté)

Sectors of activity and employment prospects

Career prospects exist in different contexts:
  • Companies that use virtual reality - mainly large industrial groups across different sectors: aeronautics (Airbus Group, Aerolia, Dassault Aviation, etc.), automotive (PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, etc.), shipbuilding (STX, Naval Group)
  • Companies that design or sell virtual reality solutions (ESI Group, EONReality, Immersion SA, Dassault-Systèmes).
  • Image synthesis sector, both cinema (Mac Guff, ILM, Pixar) and video games (Ubisoft, etc.)
  • Simulation application companies, (Dassault-Systèmes, ESI)
Research activity in the region covers very diverse topics from final applications in architecture and town planning to medical simulation and digital heritage, but also more upstream fields such as augmented reality, collaborative working via 3D interactive devices and human perception.
Published on November 2, 2015 Updated on January 29, 2018